A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

The Super Science Friends got its start as an animated series on youtube! They are a team of super powered scientists who travel through time fighting nazi clones, space ghouls and their own scientific rivals. Never seen it? Click here to watch the episodes for free! And support the game on kickstarter!

If you find any bugs, please use our bug report so we can make a better game for everyone :)

Who are the Super Science Friends? They’re history’s greatest scientific minds!

Due to a time paradox Adolf Hitler is back from the dead and has gathered all of the super villains together to kidnap the Super Science Friends! It’s up to Einstein to rescue them (and unlock them as playable characters)! Fight your way through 12 awesome levels each taking place in a different period of time (and space). Defeat classic Super Science Friends villains like the Soviet Space Ghouls, Thomas Edison and more!

Install instructions

Unzip the downloaded file and run the executable.


Super Science Friends - The Game - macOS.zip 79 MB
Super Science Friends - The Game - Windows.zip 74 MB


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muito bom pra caraio

Hi :p I made a video on your game! I haven't watched the series yet, but I plan to! I really hope you like the editing and the big reference I made :) 

Loved the series, I don't like side scrolling beat-em-up, but I enjoyed this demo. Beating nazis is way too easy yet, I hope they increase the game difficulty and the interaction with the background. 

Love this game

AMAZING!! LOVED IT!! And on the same time finding this amazing demo I also found this amazing series!! I will absolutely back this project!! Can't wait to see more and to beat more nazis to death!!

Stay Rad Everybody!!


So this game introduced me to the show and for that I am thankful. The universe, story, characters, references and overall brilliance of the show already puts it among my favorites. That being said this game, even knowing it is only a demo to raise awareness for the crowdfunding campaign, seems generally lacking. The strongest point would easily be the introduction animation but after that it quickly falls into a pretty generic side scrolling beat-em-up full of references to the show. While the story alone makes me want to explore what the game has to offer, the bland action and minimal mechanics make it seem like it would just be a chore. Understand that this all player feedback in hoping to see some improvements in the full release. Seeing as the main focus of the game is combat, making it more in depth and interesting beyond press "S" until thing dies or wait til opening and press "S" and repeat until thing dies. All of these characters have amazing abilities in a fictional world and reserving that to only a single button press after charging a meter seems like a huge missed opportunity. Regardless, looking forward to seeing what becomes of this title and excited for more of the show!

Fun game, I can't wait to play with the other SSFs. Especially Tesla and Marie Curie. :)